2021 Olympics: Simone Biles already impresses in training with an incredible jump

The best gymnast of all time, the American Simone Biles should still delight viewers during these Olympic Games in Tokyo. Evidenced by an incredible jump made in training.

Gifted athlete, quadruple reigning Olympic champion, icon of American youth (and not only), Simone Biles will undoubtedly be one of the stars of these 2021 Olympics in Tokyo. And even before the kickoff, the 24-year-old gymnast has already made a name for herself in Japan.

Why? Because this week she became the first sportswoman to have her emoji on Twitter, which says a lot about her status, but above all because she’s been heavy in training. Very very heavy.

Will she try it on D-Day?

On Thursday, observers at the Olympic gymnasium in Tokyo had the opportunity to see the prodigy perform on the horse a “Yourchenko” jump in a double back-body pike salto. Many words to describe a sequence impossible to achieve for ordinary mortals.

This figure, whose rating is debated for the simple reason that it is new, Biles had in fact already passed in April, during the US Classic. And as the American press reports, reproducing it at the Olympics would allow Simone Biles to give it her name, a tradition in gymnastics. And to mark the history of his sport a little more.

It remains to be seen if she will try her luck in the next few days. A few weeks ago, his coach Laurent Landi seemed to consider that the game was not worth the candle. “If she really wants to do it (at the Games), she’s going to have to beg me,” he smirked. People seem to forget that he’s a very, very dangerous figure… Just having the fame and his name in the code of points, it’s not sufficient.” Except, perhaps, when you’ve already won everything.

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