2021 Olympics: a French diver breaks a diving board during training in Tokyo


Present in Tokyo to compete in the 3-meter springboard event at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, French diver Alexis Jandard cracked a board during training.

He literally broke everything in his path. Engaged in the 3-meter springboard event at the 2021 Olympic Games, which starts on August 2, French diver Alexis Jandard discovered the Tokyo pools for his training this Saturday. While performing one of his jumps, the board cracked under his feet, much to his amazement.

Alexis Jandard on Instagram
Alexis Jandard on Instagram © Instagram

On the Instagram video which immortalizes the moment, which he published on his personal account, the phone is held by his trainer, who gives him his advice. Jandard made his first two preparatory jumps on the spot, to gain momentum, without anything abnormal happening. On its last impulse, however, we can clearly hear an impressive noise echoing throughout the pool.

“The plunge too much”

The explanation comes in his following story: the bronze medalist at the Tokyo 2021 World Cup photographed his board, split in two across the width, nothing to break. Caption: “Hey there you go… The too many plunge”. The Rhone escaped him narrowly: the board did not break when he was on it and he came out unscathed from the incident.

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The damage should not compromise the proper conduct of the diving events: “Rest assured, everything is fine, the board will be changed tomorrow”, assured Jandard in a final story. Sunday, the discipline will award its first medals, at the end of the women’s synchronized 3m springboard.


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