Xbox Series S: already offers to seize this weekend

Microsoft recently launched the new generation of Xbox consoles with two models. The Xbox Series S is the more affordable of the two and also the more compact. Microsoft is thinking both of gamers equipped with 4K televisions who want the best ultra HD performance with its impressive Series X, and of those who, on the contrary, want to use a next-generation console on FHD or QHD resolutions, without however compromise on the quality of the graphics and the fluidity of the experience. The Xbox Series S may be incredibly compact, but it has power to spare, SSD storage that makes launching and resuming games almost instantaneous, and offers a rich catalog of games, among all the new features at come and the huge Xbox One repository which benefits from reduced load times and sometimes even performance improvements.

Take advantage of the Amazon deal on the Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S: already a good deal on the console

Succeeding the Xbox One S, the S Series is cut for gaming in Full HD or 1440p resolution, and takes advantage of all the innovations of the “next gen” for a reduced price and a minimum footprint. Among the promises of the new generation, the reduction of loading times is at the heart of the demands of players. What could be more frustrating to have to wait in front of a progress bar when you only want one thing: to play? Consoles have hitherto suffered from the limited speed of optical media or mechanical hard drives. The Xbox Series S drastically accelerates your games with an ultra-fast SSD for storage to launch your favorite titles instantly and take advantage of the Quick Resume feature, which allows you to leave several games on “stand by” and resume them instantly. The Xbox Series S obviously brings top performance, if you want to stay on a Full HD TV or if you play on a 1440p monitor. With a latest generation AMD processor, it allows fluidity up to 120 Hz, 1440p resolution and ray tracing support for dynamic lighting more realistic than ever. As for games, Microsoft has enough to provide you with what to feed your console with the Game Pass, a subscription that gives you access to a hundred games, renewed every month, with the latest Microsoft exclusives such as Halo, Gears or Forza. You can currently buy the Xbox Series S with a second Robot White controller for 346.99 euros instead of 359.99 euros usually. And if you are looking for good reasons to use this second controller, other good plans await you!

Take advantage of the Amazon deal on the Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S games also on sale

Thus, Amazon also offers FIFA21, the benchmark of football games, at the exceptional price of 24.99 euros against 69.99 euros usually. The Xbox One version of the popular EA Sports game includes the upgraded version for Xbox Series S and Series X for free. Enough to warm up your controllers as the European Football Championship approaches. If you are more basketball, you have the choice with another promotion that concerns NBA 2K21: Amazon displays the benchmark of the genre at a price of 40.93 euros instead of 74.99 euros in normal times. With its official NBA license, the game offers top performance and even more realistic graphics on Xbox Series S and Series X. A third offer is aimed this time at racing fans: the Xbox Series S and Series X version of MotoGP 21 is available for 49.99 euros instead of 69.99 euros. Enjoy a new “next gen” console and the best sports games.

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