Renault unveils the contours of its electric Mégane

The first Renault model to be developed on the new CMF-EV platform, specifically designed for electric powertrains, the Mégane is focusing the brand’s hopes on this new segment. This is why the French manufacturer is slowly raising the sauce while awaiting its official presentation.

Latest example: the online press conference “Renault Talk” during which the “Losange” ventured to show some images of its future compact.

The pictures unveiled provide a glimpse of the rear of the Mégane but also of its interior. They bring two major lessons. On the one hand, the end result should be quite close to the original concept. On the other hand that Renault has finally decided to modify the interior of its vehicles and to bet on a big screen.

Also to discover in video:

Also to discover in video:

For the rest, the manufacturer does not give more information concerning the technical sheet of this Mégane E-Tech Electric. It will probably take a few months to get a full overview, as Renault’s zero-emission compact is not expected to hit the road until early 2022.

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