Netflix is ​​testing the idea of ​​a new platform, N-Plus, to create a community with its users

Netflix is ​​currently testing how its subscribers and some reporters feel about “Of a future online space” which would be called N-Plus. The platform could offer podcasts as well as user-generated movie and series playlists. “N-Plus is a future online space where you can find out more about the Netflix shows you love and everything related to them”, specifies the poll.

Netflix has recognized from the site Protocol that it was a subject of exploration which did not necessarily imply to be carried out. At the moment, the company is posting on social networks and YouTube all of its bonus content such as interviews or podcasts because they are considered to be promotional tools.

Interactions like on social networks

The advantage of a dedicated space would be to add interactions like on social networks. The famous playlists created by users could thus be shared with others. They even concern the music of audiovisual content.

Also to discover in video:

Subscribers could also have an influence on a pre-production program and influence its development with their comments. Netflix would finally consider reviewing user reviews by highlighting those of people with similar tastes.

Netflix therefore wants to develop an entire ecosystem and increase the content around its titles. Disney + can rely on universes such as Star wars or Marvel. Netflix is ​​constantly launching original creations. He is now seeking to write their legend to impose them durably and unite communities.

Source: Protocol

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