HomePod: Deezer may now be the default music service on Apple speakers

Good news for Deezer users. They can now stream music to Apple’s HomePod and HomePod mini smart speakers. To do this, you must have the latest update of the Deezer application and version 14.3, or higher, of iOS.

Indeed, version 14.3 of the operating system has the APIs necessary to make the connected speaker compatible with streaming services other than Apple Music. Pandora was the first company to take the plunge, but is not available outside of America, now followed by Deezer.

You can therefore configure Deezer as the default service, instead of Apple Music, and it will be activated when you ask the speaker, via Siri, to play a song, album or playlist. To do this, you must first link your HomePod to your account via the Deezer application, then go to the settings of the Home application.

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Deezer indicates that it is also possible to listen to music in Hi-Fi quality, thanks to the lossless the paid HiFi option. However, it is not possible to listen to podcasts or live audio content. But with 73 million songs, there is already enough to spend long hours of listening.

Source : 9to5mac

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