Esport: Macron congratulates Karmine Corp, winner of the European Masters of League of Legends


Reigning French champion in League of Legends, Karmine Corp won the European Masters (second continental division). And was congratulated by the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron.


Launched last year by two videographers, Kamel Kebir, alias Kameto on Twitch, and Amine Mekri, alias Prime on Youtube, Karmine Corp won the European Masters of “League of Legends”, an action and strategy game in team whose games take place in a closed arena. As it had done a few months earlier during the French championships, the Karmine Corp won from its first participation. The structure, which does not have the budget of some of its competitors on the French scene, achieved a feat after a hotly contested final against the British team BT Excel.

Saken still decisive

Organized twice a year, the European Masters (EU Masters) are considered to be the second largest tournament on the continent after the European Championship (The LoL European Championship). The competition brings together the winners of the national championships, 28 teams in total. The final, which was disputed in three rounds, therefore opposed the Karmine Corp to the champion of the Northern League of Legends Championship (the League “Great Britain and the Nordic countries”), BT Excel, two teams which had clashed in phase of groups.

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The two meetings ended in a French victory. The British were therefore keen to take their revenge, they who had eliminated another French representative earlier in the tournament, the Misfits Premier team. But they still fell on stronger than them in the final, although the meeting was much closer than the previous ones. This success, the Kameto team owes in large part to Lucas “Saken” Fayard, a former Team Vitality, once again decisive and author of a capital performance.

Emmanuel Macron’s personal message

Followed by more than 25,000 people on average, and up to 300,000 Internet users at the end of the match, the meeting shattered the previous audience record in France for esport, which dated from the final of the League of Legends Worlds in 2019. It is therefore difficult to miss this incredible enthusiasm, even for our politicians who, from Jean-Luc Mélenchon to the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, hailed the victory of the Karmine Corp. The ultimate recognition, at the highest point of the state.


“Dear Karmine Corp team, you will not be surprised if I tell you that I am not an expert in League of Legends, but I wanted to send this message to you after learning of your great victory. Europe, you put our flag in the spotlight. You show all of Europe that the French have talent in esport. So a big congratulations to the whole team “, wrote President Emmanuel Macron in a personal message addressed to Karmine Corp. The high point of a phenomenal ascent.

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