Employment: the pandemic has amplified professional failure

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the job market and contributed to professional failure with the freeze of careers and professional progression, according to a recent pan-Canadian survey.

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According to the study by the recruitment firm Robert Half unveiled on Monday, 27% of workers surveyed noted that the health crisis has put their professional careers on hiatus. This proportion rises to 55% among the youngest employees (18 to 24 years old).

Some 62% of respondents cite career advancement and rising wages as consequences of this blockage, while more than two in five workers (42%) believe the pandemic has blocked their skills development and their ability to grow their network professional.

While some are squarely thinking of changing careers, some 28% of respondents indicated that they had changed their perspective due to the pandemic context.

As for employers, a separate survey finds that nearly half of managers say they have postponed promoting employees due to the pandemic. They are also 61% to worry about staff loyalty.

“In addition to dramatically changing the hiring spectrum for job seekers in Canada, the pandemic has also disrupted the career paths of employees,” said David King, Senior District President of Canada, Robert Half. .

“It’s time for organizations to put in place programs designed to retain top talent,” King said, referring to the advent of a “more active” labor market.


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