Electric charging stations: the CHAdeMo standard could gradually disappear in France

Is this the beginning of the end for the CHAdeMO format? While it was mandatory on any new terminal installed since 2017, like the Combo or Type 2, the Japanese standard risks being erased from the French landscape. Indeed, decree 2017-26 has just been amended. The revised version of the text no longer obliges installers of fast charging stations to offer this format, which has been very widespread over the last decade. The only obligation now concerns the Combo and DC Type 2 standards (with a minimum of 22 kW), whether it concerns the installation of new terminals or the replacement of old ones.

30,000 electric cars in the panade?

Although in recent years, the vast majority of manufacturers have opted for the Combo, the CHAdeMO standard concerns many older electric vehicles. Our colleaguesClean Automobile estimate at 30,000 the number of electric cars in France equipped with the Japanese standard.
Among these, a large majority of Nissan Leaf (20,000 registrations since 2015), but not only. At Mitsubishi, Citroën and Peugeot, it is this format that was favored on the first zero-emission vehicles. The owners of these vehicles will undoubtedly have to face a headache, that of finding terminals that are destined to become increasingly rare.

Also to discover in video:

Also to discover in video:

Fortunately, this new decree does not only sign the shutdown of CHAdeMO, it also forces new players to offer interoperability between their infrastructures but also to report periodically on their quality of service.

Source : Clean Automobile

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