Chelsea-Real: Hazard’s apologies after the big controversy in Spain


In the aftermath of Real Madrid’s elimination by Chelsea in the Champions League semi-finals, Eden Hazard apologizes. The Belgian was at the heart of a controversy in Spain for appearing hilarious with his former Blues teammates at the end of the meeting.


The pressure was too much and he apologized in the end. Eden Hazard has made headlines in Spain, since the elimination of Real Madrid by Chelsea in the semi-final of the Champions League. Tackled for his poor performance and lack of form since his arrival at the club, the Belgian has also been controversial for having greeted, hilariously, his former teammates of the Blues after the meeting.

“My intention was not to offend the Real Madrid fans”

“I’m sorry. I read a lot of reviews about myself today and my intention was not to offend Real Madrid fans, wrote the playmaker on Instagram on Thursday. My dream has always been to playing for Real and I came here to win. The season is not over and we have to fight together for La Liga. Go Madrid! “

Hazard's apologies
Hazard’s apologies © Instagram

In Spain, we are already talking about a possible departure this summer for someone who has never been able to string together high-level performances with Zinedine Zidane’s team. And everywhere, the same comments accumulate concerning the former Lille player, accused of lack of professionalism, lack of involvement, poor form …

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“Two years ago, when I saw him leave Chelsea after seven extraordinary years, during which he only missed 20 games, I was extremely happy to see him go to Real Madrid, noted Emmanuel Petit in Top of the Foot. Because in my opinion, it was the club that would allow him to take the last step to touch the Golden Ball. He was part of a very closed circle, but he was never tipped to really have it. (…) But when I see what is happening today, I have the impression of a mess. The overweight he has been dragging since his arrival is in fact a drag. He is the source of many of Eden Hazard’s physical problems at Real Madrid. “



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