10 tips and hidden functions to better use Youtube

For many Internet users, YouTube has become a reflex when it comes to killing time. But while the majority use Google’s streaming video service on a daily basis, many ignore tricks that can sometimes be of great help.

From the simple control of a video with the keyboard, to the creation of a GIF, through the possibility of sharing a video in a specific passage, YouTube contains many tips that, once known, allow you to unblock certain situations and take full advantage of the platform.

1. Download a video

A video caught your attention and you wish you could enjoy it offline? It is possible to download it locally on your PC.

To do this, simply replace the term Youtube with “Youpak“in the URL of your video.

You will then be automatically redirected to the ClipMega online service, dedicated to downloading YouTube videos.

Then click on the button Click here to download this video to reveal the available download options.

You just have to click on the format and quality of the video you want to recover to download it to your machine.

2. Create a GIF from a video

Would you like to be able to illustrate a conversation using a GIF? You can generate GIF from YouTube video very easily. Just add the prefix “gif“at the beginning of the YouTube URL.

You will be automatically redirected to the gifs creation interface of the gifs.com site. Select the passage to convert, edit your GIF and save it by clicking on Create GIF.

3. Share a video at a specific point

It is possible to share a video by starting it at a specific time.

To do this, pause your video at the desired time and right click on the playback window. Then click Copy video URL from this clip.

You just have to share the link copied to the clipboard with a third party so that they can watch it from the moment you have chosen.

4. Play a video loop

While it used to be necessary to go through a third-party service to play a looping video in YouTube, the platform now offers this functionality natively.

To play your favorite video in loop, just right-click on it, and choose Play Loop.

5. Bypass age restrictions

A video is blocked due to age restrictions? This frequently happens when you try to watch a video without being logged into YouTube. As the platform cannot identify you, and therefore know your age, videos with potentially offensive content are automatically restricted.

However, it is possible to override this limit by modifying the URL of the video. Just add the prefix “gen“before youtube in the url.

The page will automatically be redirected to a third-party service capable of playing YouTube content without restriction.

6. Access YouTube Kids from your PC

YouTube Kids, the version of YouTube aimed at children, everyone knows. But this watered-down version of YouTube is usually viewed by kids from the mobile app. Android or ios. However, YouTube Kids is also accessible on the web, from any web browser.

On first use, the platform will ask you, like on the mobile application, to configure the service according to the age of your child.

Watch YouTube Kids in your browser (Free)

7. Go beyond geographic restrictions

Some videos may be geographically blocked. It is possible to bypass this type of blocking by using a proxy or VPN from your computer, but also from your smartphone.

For example, you can use VPNHub (unlimited, but restricted to the USA), or Windscribe (limited to 10 GB of data per month, several countries available) on iPhone and Android to simulate your presence in another country by changing your IP address.

Once the VPN is activated on your device, all you have to do is reload the page for the video to start playing.

Download VPNhub for Android (Free)
Download VPNhub for iPhone (Free)

Download Windscribe for Android (Free)
Download Windscribe for iPhone (Free)

8. Access a free sound library

The creators of the videos on YouTube know this all too well: all videos containing musical samples subject to copyright can be deleted and the account blocked after several warnings.

To avoid this, it is better to use royalty-free music and sounds. YouTube offers its own sound library, free, open, and accessible to everyone directly from YouTube Studio.

Upload sounds to YouTube audio library (Free)

9. Delete your history

After hours of wandering on YouTube, it may be prudent to take a look at your viewing history to do a little cleaning.

To delete your history, click on the button Historical displayed in the left column of YouTube. In the right pane, then click Clear all history of watched videos.

10. Control YouTube from the keyboard

Stop wasting time using your mouse and control YouTube directly using keyboard shortcuts.

  • Space bar or K: Pause / Play
  • J and L: go forward or backward 10 seconds
  • Left arrow / Right arrow: go forward or backward 5 seconds
  • Upper arrow / Lower arrow: increase or decrease the volume
  • F: Switch to full screen
  • VS : Enable or hide subtitles
  • i: Show minimized player
  • Numbers from 1 to 9 of the top bar of the keyboard: access the video according to a percentage of completion of 10 to 90%

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