Violence in sport: 387 reports in one year, mainly sexual violence


The Ministry of Sports unveiled this Friday the progress of the work carried out for a year on violence in sport in France. 387 reports were thus made and mainly concern facts related to sexual violence against minors. The state is working to deal with it.


The words of the victims will no longer be left unanswered by the Ministry of Sports. This Friday, the body took stock of the fight against violence within the various sports federations in France. The figures revealed by the national convention for the prevention of violence in sport send shivers down the spine, but appear to be a necessary evil to break the “omerta” which has prevented victims from speaking out for years.

In total, 421 people were implicated in the 387 reports affecting no less than 48 sports federations. 96% of the individuals involved are men while 83% of the victims are women and nearly 82% of the victims were minors at the time of the facts. The freedom of speech movement has notably made it possible to denounce numerous sexual violence in sport (89% of the 387 reports).


“Generalize the control of good repute for supervisors”

Proud to see the word being released within French sport, Jean-Michel Blanquer praised the work carried out and detailed the mechanisms put in place to fight against violence.

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“We have seen planning and combating violence, training educators,” observed the Minister of National Education, Youth and Sports. […] This work has enabled us to make progress in reporting sexual violence within the sports directorate. We have also generalized the control of good repute for volunteer supervisors. We have also done it for all state executives. We have also created a national directory of sports associations so that the Ministry of Sports is able to communicate better and more directly with each of them throughout the territory. “


Very responsive sports federations

Prevention therefore and better listening to potential or proven victims of violence in sport. But the government did not stop there. This Friday was also published in the Official Journal of the French Republic a decree authorizing federations or other sports associations to investigate the backgrounds of educators or volunteers.

“Almost 80% of state executives have received their professional card and have therefore seen their criminal record examined, explained Roxana Maracineanu, Minister Delegate in charge of Sports. I asked the others to quickly finalize the procedures as they see fit. ‘are committed to it. […] We have built a network of 74 referents in the sports federations and they are responsible for following the procedures and in particular for informing the State of federal disciplinary proceedings initiated. Nearly twenty federations have adopted a prevention plan and real information and awareness tools to prevent any abuse in their clubs. Thirty others are currently building this device. “

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