Toulouse-Racing: the emotion of Médard speaking of the serious injury of Huget

If Toulouse won 34-16 this Saturday in its shock against Racing 92 in Top 14, Toulouse are worried about Yoann Huget, heavily injured in the Achilles tendon as the end of his career looms. After the match, his teammate Maxime Médard did not hide his emotion.

This is the image that will undoubtedly remain of this Top 14 clash between Toulouse and Racing 92 … unfortunately. The Toulouse leaders, may well have won 34-16, they are especially worried about Yoann Huget, released on injury, supported by members of the medical staff, in the first period.

The Toulouse management fears a rupture of the Achilles tendon. All the more cruel as the French international, who is turning 34, announced his desire to retire at the end of the season. His teammate Maxime Médard had trouble hiding his emotion at a press conference.

“I hope he will put on his crampons again”

“It’s terrible … I do not really know what he has, he notes very moved and his voice trembling. We will see in the next few days, he will take exams. I hope anyway. that he’s going to be able to put on his crampons again. It’s terrible because already when you’re young, when you have an injury, it’s complicated. But at the end of your career, the injury is an obsession. both aware of that. We spent the years together, playing, fighting, whether for the Stadium or the French team. Seeing this image, it’s terrible. Of course there are more serious things in life, but when you see your buddy on the ground, it’s complicated. “

“It’s the big black dot that spoils the party, regrets Matthis Lebel. It sure does not smell very good … we think about him a lot, the images are harsh. We have a big thought for him. We’re going to keep our fingers crossed. ” Yoann Huget left the stadium on crutches. Before his injury, he scored his team’s first try.

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