Super League: Everton smashes the six founding clubs of the Premier League


Everton issued an inflammatory statement on Tuesday denouncing the creation of the Super League and the participation of six Premier League teams in this new elitist project. The Toffees say they are “saddened” by this competition, which respects “neither the game, nor the other clubs, nor the supporters”.


Since the announcement of its creation, there are not many people to defend the Super League. If not its founders. Across Europe, reactions are multiplying to denounce this project of semi-closed competition, between rich clubs, which is preparing to upset the landscape of the round ball. The old players go up to the front. Some current ones express their reluctance. Ditto for coaches, supporters, journalists or managers. Not to mention the historical bodies, obviously mobilized to preserve their decision-making power and their financial advantages.

In England, the sling is particularly palpable. It must be said that six Premier League clubs are part of the Super League adventure: Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham and Arsenal. Not necessarily the top six in the standings but a sufficiently prestigious group to dangerously weaken the English championship.


“Absurd arrogance”

Faced with this situation, Everton issued an inflammatory statement on Tuesday against the separatist teams. The Toffees, currently 8th in PL, say they are “disappointed and saddened” by the behavior of their competitors: “These six clubs are acting only in their own best interests. They are tarnishing the reputation of our league and our sport. They choose not to respect all the other clubs they sit with at the Premier League table. They betray the majority of football fans across our country and beyond. “

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“In this time of crisis, clubs should work together with the ideals of our sport, putting supporters first. Instead, these clubs have secretly conspired to break away from a football pyramid that has done them so well. served, tackles the press release. These six self-proclaimed clubs seem determined to deprive supporters (and especially theirs) of everything that makes the game we love, by endangering its structure. This absurd arrogance is not wanted anywhere in the world of football, apart from the clubs which have drawn up this plan. “


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Everton call for withdrawal from Super League

In this context, Everton invites the six English coup plotters to back down. To keep the gist: “We respectfully request that these proposals be immediately withdrawn and that private meetings and other subversive practices cease now. We call on the owners, presidents and board members of the six clubs to remember the privileged position they occupy, not only as goalkeepers of their clubs but also as goalkeepers of the game. The responsibility they bear must be taken seriously. We urge them to think about what they wish to leave behind as an inheritance “.

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