Super League: Ceferin promises sanctions for all 12 clubs, but at different scales


In an interview with the Daily Mail this Sunday, EFA president Aleksander Ceferin confirms that the twelve clubs in the Super League will soon be sanctioned, but at different scales. The English clubs will be more spared than the three founding members who “think the project still exists”.


It’s a week that risks leaving traces for European football Last Sunday, 12 clubs from the Old Continent together announced the creation of a European Super League, in a semi-closed system and competing with the Champions League . A project that lasted only two days for the six English clubs, which withdrew in the face of popular pressure and threats from international bodies.

In an interview with the Daily Mail on Sunday, UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin confirmed sanctions for the 12 dissident clubs. “Everyone has to take responsibility for the consequences of what they have done and we cannot pretend that nothing has happened,” said the Slovenian lawyer, who has headed UEFA since 2016. You cannot do something something like that and just say, ‘I was punished because everyone hates me.’ They don’t have any problems because of anyone other than themselves. fact is not correct and we will see in the next few days what to do. “

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“There are three groups in these 12”

As to whether all 12 clubs will be sanctioned in the same way, Aleksander Ceferin already has an opinion on the matter. “For me, there is a clear difference between the English clubs and the other six. They retired first and admitted to making a mistake, said Ceferin. You have to have greatness to say: ‘I fell for myself. deceived ‘. In my opinion, there are three groups in these 12: the six English clubs, the other three (AC Milan, Inter Milan, Atlético de Madrid, Editor’s note) which then came out (Juventus, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Editor’s note) ) and after those who think the Earth is flat and the Super League still exists. There’s a big difference between those. But everyone will be held responsible. How, we’ll see. “

Alekssander Ceferin also highlighted the great role of several actors in the failure of this Super League project. “UEFA did its part, the clubs that were with us did their part. And of course the British government did the biggest, praised Ceferin of England’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his teams. by far the biggest bet was made by the fans. Honestly, I was completely in awe of the reaction from the fans, the entire football community and beyond, I would say from the company. I have never saw that. “

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While it is still “too early” to talk about the penalties that will be imposed on these clubs, the teams still in the Champions League this season will be able to compete in the next few days in the event organized by UEFA. The European body is nevertheless also ready to review its copy for its reform which will come into force in 2024, and also contested for its format which will require a greater number of matches. “We have learned a lot from this situation,” said Ceferin. “We will try to speak to as many people as possible to see their point of view, although you will never be able to speak with all the groups.”


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