OM: Domenech tackles Longoria after his criticism "the French model"


In a column published on the NewsTankFootball site, Raymond Domenech reacted to Pablo Longoria’s recent comments on French football and his lack of a game model. The president of Unecatef seems very annoyed by the exit of the OM leader.


It is a presentation that has not gone unnoticed. And as much to say that it was not very appreciated in the locker rooms of the Hexagon. During an interview granted earlier this week in El Pais, Pablo Longoria explained his vision of French football and its system. With a very critical eye.

“In France, there is no model of the game, said the president of OM. Objectively, if we analyze at the world level, it is one of the countries which exports the fewest coaches. They do not sell collective ideas. But individually, it is the formation which exports the most players because the French player continues to play in the street, in particular in many districts of Paris, Marseille and Lyon. This means that they have an individualistic training that helps them make a difference, but they are not trained to fit into a model of play. “


“It’s not the competition that drives your choices, it’s the network”

An output that did not at all to Raymond Domenech. In a column published on the NewsTankFootball site, the president of Unecatef stepped up to defend the work done in the country’s locker rooms. And reframe the Spanish leader of Marseille. “No Mr. Longoria, the French coach is not without ‘concrete concept’, wrote the former coach of the Blues. You have just taken up the torch of the criticism towards French coaches dear to all our detractors. We know all that it is not the competition that drives your choices, but the network. “

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A response that follows that of Hubert Fournier, the national technical director. In an interview with Foot Mercato, the former OL coach, expressed his incomprehension in the face of Longoria’s charge: “I found it rather excessive to explain the French training just by the fact that young people play in the street. This is a rather unpleasant shortcut. Moreover, for many years, even decades, football has not really been played in the street, whether in Marseille or throughout the country French, it is practiced in clubs, in sports facilities. It is a supervised practice. The path of young people towards the high level is piloted by the national technical direction, it is not simply a wild game which allows our young people to represent us on the international stage. “


“We are ready to receive Longoria”, assures Fournier

On the issue of French coaches who export little, Fournier defended his peers. With vigor: “The highest level, until proven guilty, is the World Cup. Didier Deschamps, the world champion, is someone who was trained in France. Zinedine Zidane, who won three Leagues des Champions recently, trained in France. Current Ligue 1 leader Christophe Galtier is a French coach, trained in France. Rudi Garcia, with whom Marseille reached the Europa League final, is a Frenchman. The concept story, I haven’t figured it out yet “. Which is maybe a bit of a problem.

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