2021 Canadian Grand Prix: Pierre Fitzgibbon says he is optimistic

The Minister of Economy and Innovation, Pierre Fitzgibbon, said he expected, Monday, to announce new elements this week in the file of the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Canada, saying that he hopes to have good news to communicate.

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The race, which was canceled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, remains uncertain. On the F1 calendar, the Montreal event scheduled for June 11 to 13 remains to be confirmed, except that time is running out as to the organization of an event behind closed doors for which the presence of around 1,300 speakers on the Gilles circuit. -Villeneuve is required.

However, Mr. Fitzgibbon wanted to be reassuring during a press briefing.

“We are currently in negotiations. It is a tourist event of paramount importance for Quebec and, in fact, it is the most important in Canada. There are now health issues that we are all aware of, both in the City of Montreal and in Public Health. [de la province et du pays]. So we will try to come to terms with that. We are talking to the people of Formula 1 and I think we will be able to make announcements this week, ”he said.

“I am an optimist by nature, we are negotiating and you have understood very well what is happening,” he then replied to a journalist asking him about the pace of the talks.

According to what “Le Journal de Montréal” reported on April 20, F1 and the organizers of the Grand Prix are awaiting a favorable response from the various governments here concerning a quarantine imposed on people having to appear in the Quebec metropolis.

In addition, a sum of $ 6 million would be required at the provincial and federal levels to cover expenses usually assumed by the promoter François Dumontier, in particular the hiring of temporary employees and the transport of material from Europe.

However, still according to “Le Journal”, it could cost more, since preparations for the Île Notre-Dame trail had not started as of last week.


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