A sudden break due to Kovid-19 gave an opportunity to review the goals: S. Badrinath



Former Indian batsman S Badrinath has said that the lockdown caused by Coronavirus is a big challenge for all players including cricketers. But it also gives an opportunity to re-assess goals and invest in improving physical and mental condition. The Covid-19 epidemic has so far infected more than 41 million people worldwide and killed close to three lakh people.

Due to this, almost all sports activities around the world have come to a standstill. Badrinath, who recently started MFORE, a mental skills training company, said, “It’s a challenging time for all the players … They should have played at this time, they had set goals for themselves.” This is a good time to re-evaluate the goals and think ahead. ‘


The 39-year-old Badrinath, who has played 2 Tests and seven ODIs for India, said that players can recover from minor injuries during the break and work on their body and mental skills. He said, “There will be a little pain while playing in the body of many players and this is a good time to heal the body and remove all kinds of pain so that you feel refreshed when you are given some work.”

Badrinath said, “This is the right time to invest on things like your body, emotional health and mental health.” Asked how he was inspired to start Mphor, Badrinath said, “In India we feel that the players and everybody are doing a lot to get fit.”

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The former cricketer said, “The batting, bowling, fielding skills of the cricketers are improving … but are they doing enough work on the mental aspect as well.” The mind is a powerful part of our body, which acts as a bridge between the ability and performance of the player.

He said, “We felt that the mind was not given enough importance and training, so we wanted to create a framework, a platform where players can be trained hard, their real potential can be changed in performance.”




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