Bizarre! Indonesian woman claims – Pregnant caused by wind gust, gave birth to baby one hour after getting pregnant

Photo Credits: Pixabay

Indonesian woman has recently made a strange claim. The woman claims that she became pregnant by a wind gust and gave birth to the child within an hour of getting pregnant. Indonesian police is investigating this strange case. According to the report, a 25-year-old woman named Siti Zainah claims that she gave birth to the child just an hour after becoming pregnant with a gust of wind. The woman gave birth to a healthy baby girl last week in the city of Cianjur in the province of West Java in Southern Indonesia.

The woman told local media that while she was in her living room, there was a gust of wind in her house and after just 15 minutes her stomach started to ache. The woman claims that her abdominal pain began to increase rapidly, after which she was taken to the Community Health Center, where she gave birth to the child. Also read: Strange treatment! Mother and children consumed urine for four days after watching fake COVID Cure video on WhatsApp

According to the local media report, the woman says that she bowed to the ground after the afternoon prayer, when suddenly she felt that a gust of wind was entering her private part. The news of her bizarre pregnancy spread like fire in the city and this news went viral on social media. The woman gave birth to a baby girl whose weight is said to be 2-9 kg.

It is likely that the woman was experiencing a clandestine pregnancy in which the woman is unaware of her pregnancy and this happens until she has a labor pen, according to Iman Suleman, director of the community clinic at Sidun. However, after the birth of the girl child, the police visited Siti’s house to start her investigation and put a stop to all rumors.

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