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Bigg Boss 14: This household member gets Captaincy, Nikki Tamboli did not win the Capacity Task

Bigg Boss 14 Updates, Bigg Boss 14 Captaincy Task: Captivity task was conducted among the members of Bigg Boss 14 yesterday. In today’s episode, the new house will be announced.

According to sources, tonight Nishant Malkhani will be made the winner of the Captaincy. With this, they will also get some power in the house.

Nishant Malkhani will be given a special room for the whole week, in which a separate bathroom will also be attached.

Pavitra Punia and Ajaz Khan were made the operators of the task

Pavitra Punia and Ejaz Khan were made homeless from the first house. After this, both of them were re-entered inside the house by putting in an emergency late at night.

As soon as the entry is made, Pavitra Punia and Ejaz Khan are placed in the new area of the house (Red Zone).

In such a situation, Pavitra Punia and Ajaz Khan have joined the list of elimination.

Salman Khan took Nishant’s favor

In the episode of Weekend War, when Rubina Dilayik brought up the subject in front of Salman Khan and said that Nishant had put a few bottles of bathroom cleaner on Abhinav.


The superstar and host denied the allegations as false. Salman said that he was only to scare them and if Abhinav had any problem, he could leave his seat.

Nishant admitted that he first sprayed the deodorant on Abhinav, but left as soon as “Bigg Boss” asked him not to use it.

He said that he also apologized to the couple for this, but since it was an act, he was participating in it. He also mentioned that Abhinav had accepted his apology.

These participants will have wild card entry

According to the report, Naina Singh, Pratik Sahajpal, and Shardul Pandit may be entering the house on 23 October.

Makers are leaving no stone unturned to make the show more interesting these days.

Makers are making many arrangements to make the show entertaining. The talk of double eviction is coming out this week.


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