Bigg Boss 14: Sonali gave rude to Rubina, the users said – be ashamed, left the rest and lost respect

In ‘Bigg Boss 14’ Sonali Phogat has been nominated to be homeless from home and since then she has been quarreling with the family. From Rakhi Sawant to Nikki Tamboli and now Rubina Dilek too. The two started using derogatory language for each other.

But the extent was reached when Sonali abused Rubina very harshly and Rubina started crying. After Sonali Phogat uttered that dirty word, users on Twitter flared up and demanded Bigg Boss to take strong action against Sonali. Many users have even appealed to remove Sonali Phogat from the show.

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Although some users said that Rubina had previously abused Sonali, but on social media, Rubina’s fans have shared another video in which Sonali Phogat first abuses Rubina. To this, Rubina replies to Sonali that being a mother, she will use the same words for her daughter?

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This act of Sonali Phogat towards Rubina has enraged the users and their fans. He heard Sonali very well and demanded a strong action from Bigg Boss.

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One user wrote for Sonali, ‘When I saw Rubina crying while eating food, the heart started crying. Sonali Phogat be ashamed. Your daughter must also be watching all this. You also lost the remaining Kuchi respect. There were many users who demanded to make Sonali homeless and said that if it is not done then they will stop watching ‘Bigg Boss’.

How people got angry with Sonali Phogat and supported Rubina, read in tweets here:



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