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Bigg Boss 14: Nikki’s theft sparked split, broken Rubina-Jasmine friendship and abusive fight

Jasmine Bhasin and Rabina Dilac were befriended in ‘Bigg Boss’ house. The two already know each other. But during the recent captivity task, a rift between the two broke out and Jasmine broke up with Rubina.

During the Panchayat Task for Captaincy, where Rubina and Jasmine made a lot of sarcasm and accusations against each other, they later got into a heated argument.

Sharp arrows of words between Rubina and Jasmine, spoken all over

Rubina says to Jasmine, ‘You have to make us devils, if you want to demoralize us, keep doing it.’ Jasmine replies to Rubina not to turn her words on him. As the matter progresses, Rubina asks Jasmine to speak on her mouth, not back. Jasmine also loses her temper and tells Rubina that playing clever games with someone else does not end with her and then ends the friendship by saying ‘it’s over’.

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Nikki’s theft sparks fight against Abhinav-Jasmine

There is also a fight between Abhinav and Jasmine. Property has been divided in the house. Nikki goes inside and pretends to be feverish and starts quietly collecting her makeup items. We see this innovation and tell everyone about it. He tells Nikki not to do this, but Nikki confronts him. From Aijaz to Rubina and Pavitra, Nikki tries to get Tamboli out of there. But there is no benefit. Ijaz asks Jasmine to enter the area that the other party has, seeing that Abhinav goes to make tea for himself in the kitchen, but Jasmine takes a pan of tea from Abhinav’s hand and says that it is his area Is and she will not give permission to it. Abhinav stares in amazement and then goes away saying that to remember it.

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Abhinav and Rubina’s relationship also soured
While Abhinav had a fight with Jasmine, Rubina also got into an argument and their relationship started to get bitter. Abhinav was very angry with Rubina for not listening to him and this led to a dirty fight between them. In a way, friendship with property has also been divided in Bigg Boss house. It remains to be seen what will be the result of all this.




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