Bigg Boss 14: Khali Salman’s blood from Sonali’s threats, said – will you threaten outside? What will you do?

Sonali Phogat’s attitude in the last few episodes of ‘Bigg Boss 14’ is quite shocking. In a recent episode, he not only abused Rubina Dilac, but also threatened the family, while crossing all boundaries. Nikki Tamboli also spoke about Sonali’s ongoing threats to Salman in the episode ‘Weekend Ka War’. Hearing this, Salman’s blood boiled.

Makers has also released a promo, in which Salman is raping Sonali for the abuse of Rubina, and then Nikki mentions the threat made by Sonali. She says, ‘Sonali Phogat says that my brothers will see outside. This power of mine, that power of mine. Hearing this, Salman gets agitated and says to Sonali Phogat, ‘Will you threaten outside? What will you do, tell me.

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Sonali also gets a little angry and retorts Salman, ‘Salman, I have not spoken outside the house. To whom I said, tell me, show me. ‘ Then Salman says, “Yes, I have shown you.” But Sonali flatly refuses and says that she does not believe that she has threatened anything outside people. Then Salman says, ‘What will happen if you believe it or not? Your child is also watching this show. Does it suit you? ‘

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According to ‘The Khabari’, Salman Khan also did a lot of Rakhi Sawant’s class and also told Abhinav Shukla for his behavior towards wife Rubina Dilac. At the same time, there is no news that there will be no eviction this week and if it is true then other nominated contestants including Sonali are safe for a week.



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