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‘Bigg Boss 14’ crosses limits for TRP, anger of Sandeep Sikand, friend of Aijaz Khan

Something happened in a recent episode of ‘Bigg Boss 14’, due to which the show is now being trolled badly and people are fiercely venting their anger. In fact, Bigg Boss announced a task giving the family a chance to get an immunity stone.

Under that task, all the families had to tell one such secret related to their lives to all the audience, which only some of their close people know. Later, the family had to compare all the secrets and tell whose secret is the most shocking and painful. The one whose rule will be the most painful and shocking will get the immunity stone.

But due to this task, ‘Bigg Boss 14’ is now the target of the people. Viewers believe that this task was not needed and through which all limits have been crossed. Ejaz Khan’s friend and producer Sandeep Sikand also got very angry on the ‘Bigg Boss 14’ makers. He recently also arrived as a guest in an episode of ‘Bigg Boss 14’.

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‘Assumed TV can fall to any extent to get ratings and TRPs’
He wrote on Twitter, ‘I agree that reality shows are based on the reality of emotions, but who has the right to judge which of the secrets of divorce, suicide attempts, kidnapping and physical abuse was the most affected. Or painful? Very embarrassing. Today I agreed that TV can fall to any extent to get ratings and TRPs. ‘

‘Bigg Boss 14’ Has Fallen Down ‘
Sandeep Sikand tweeted another, in which he wrote, ‘I always believed that Big Brother was the best reality show format. However, after watching the previous night’s task of Bigg Boss 14, I felt that this season has gone to its lowest level. # BB14 #BiggBoss #colorstv #salmankhan # BiggBoss2020.

‘Can anyone judge whose suffering is greater, whose little is greater?’

He further wrote, ‘Sorry, but the deepest secret of people cannot be compared nor judged. It is not right to give an immunity stone only on the basis of what others think about it. Meaning, can someone judge whose suffering is greater and whose suffering is smaller? ‘

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Physical abuse of someone, someone’s kidnap, the secrets of family members

Please tell that under this task, all the family members opened their heart wrenching secrets and started crying. Sandeep Sikand’s friend Ejaz Khan revealed that he was physically abused as a child and that Ejaz started crying badly. Similarly, Rubina Dilak had told that her and Abhinav were going to be divorced and they gave each other a chance till November. While Nikki revealed the secret of her kidnap, Jasmine shocked everyone by revealing that she tried to kill herself when she was rejected several times.

People also criticized the move by the ‘Bigg Boss 14’ makers. How he reacted, see here in the comments:


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