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Bigg Boss 14, 9 Nov 2020 Preview: Ali Goni rages on Bigg Boss, threatening – uproot what is to be uprooted

Ali Goni had made a wild card entry in ‘Bigg Boss 14’ a few days ago and since entry he was being kept away from all the family members in a room made of glass. Through the landline in the same room, he talks to all the family members and also watches the task on TV.

But something happened in the upcoming episode that forced Ali Goni to lose his temper. Angry Ali Goni even threatened to sabotage the Bigg Boss house and said that he would neither eat nor take the mic anymore.

Despite the persuasion of the family, Ali Goni does not listen to anyone and says, ‘Whatever is to be uprooted, be removed, remove from the show.’

Farah Khan and journalists will grill contestants

Actually all the contestants will be grilled in ‘Bibi ki Adalat’ in the upcoming episode. Apart from choreographer and director Farah Khan, two journalists will ask sharp questions to the family and grill them. Bigg Boss warns all the families in advance that it is going to be very difficult. He says, “The journey from here is going to be a bit more difficult because if not now then never.”

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Ali Goni’s threat- Neither will I eat nor will I wear mike

But Ali Goni gets angry that he is kept locked in a glass room away from all the families and is unable to take part in anything. He shouts and says, ‘Neither Mike will wear nor will I eat. I am swearing, I will break every single thing here. ‘

When Jasmine and the rest of the family try to calm Ali, he says, ‘These people want to do this. Do what you want to do. Remove whatever is uprooted, remove it from the show.


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