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Bigg Boss 14, 25 Nov 2020 Day 52 Written Update: Rubina-Abhinav’s rebellion, what will happen?

Rubina Dilac refuses to do her breakfast duty despite Captain Kavita Kaushik saying. She tells Kavita that she will not do any of her duties at home while his captain. But where is the poem also spared. She turns to Rubina and says that this is neither your house nor my house, it is the house of Bigg Boss. Rubina asks Kavita to give her breakfast duty to someone else. When Kavita asks him the reason for not doing duty, she says that she does not have to work under his captivity. Rubina describes Kavita as a frustrated captain. At the same time, all the householders talk about the duty with hot tea in the morning. When Abhinav Shukla does not get up from the bed even after the morning alarm is sounded, Captain Kavita Kaushik arrives to awaken him. She claps loudly on his ears, to which Abhinav asks her to lower it down and play it out loud. Abhinav does not arise and this is why Kavita and her debate. Meanwhile, Bigg Boss gives the householder a chance to win the title of Captaincy. Kavita tells everyone about the task rules given by Bigg Boss. For the task, Rubina Dilak and Jasmine Bhasin are offered as sisters. The property of the house will be divided between them. Kavita Kaushik is made the head of the panchayat for the task. While Ejaz Khan creates a strategy and discus about it before the task starts, there is a fight between Jasmin Bhasin and Ali Goni while planning the strategy.


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