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Bigg Boss 14, 21 Nov 2020 Preview: Ekta Kapoor to create a copy of Dhamal, Aijaz and Pavithra

While the contestants are often seen confronting each other inside the Bigg Boss 14 house, this evening’s view is going to be fun. Rubina Dilac and Kavita Kaushik are going to be laughing at home. Ekta Kapoor is arriving with Salman Khan on Saturday Night in ‘Weekend Ka War’. Ekta Kapoor will be seen performing the magic of her direction as soon as she comes on stage. A promo of the show has been released, which is extremely fun. In ‘Weekend Ka War’ Ekta Kapoor gives different tasks to the contestants of the house as soon as they reach the stage, one of which is visible in this promo. Ekta Kapoor asks Kavita Kaushik to play the role of Ejaz Khan, while Rubina asks Dilac to play the role of Pavithra. After this, you can see for yourself how much the character of Rubina Pavitra drowns. Apart from this, Salman also reprimands Abhinav Kohli for begging to be saved from Rubina. However, Abhinav does not agree with these things of Salman. Rubina cries at this point. In the last episode, there is a lot of fierce battle between Ali Goni and Pavitra Punia. Ali says that Pavitra Kavita wants to come to Kaushik’s Good Books because she is alone in the house. Ali further says that she abuses the woman as a woman. Ali says that Pavitra also abused Gauhar Khan. The debate between Ali and Pavithra does not take an end and Ali calls Pavitra a fraud.




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