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Bigg Boss 14, 18 Nov 2020 Preview: Jasmine betrayed Rubina in captivity task, said – I am not real

In the upcoming episode of ‘Bigg Boss 14’, there was a fierce battle between Rubina Dilac and Rahul Vaidya over the captaincy task, in which Abhinav Shukla also jumped to favor wife Rubina. But Rahul Vaidya did not like this and called Abhinav a ‘Nalla’ and Rubina was a ‘joke’.

Rahul Vaidya makes fun of Rubina’s studies, on which Rubina tells him that by doing this he is making fun of all the teachers. When Abhinav speaks in the middle, favoring Rubina, Rahul tells him, ‘Where are you from?

Rahul says to Abhinav, ‘Nalla’, Jasmine said – I am not with anyone

Rahul Vaidya makes a plan together with Ali Goni and Jan Kumar Sanu, on the other hand, Rubina Dilac plans together with her team. Meanwhile, Jasmin Bhasin takes out a bag full of money, seeing which Rubina tells them what she will do with that much money. Jasmine says, “Hey Captain Banungi Na Laker”. Now I will tear. I am not close to anyone. ‘

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Ali-Abhinav, confronted during the task, said Nikki – don’t trust anyone

Meanwhile, Rubina sends Abhinav to take out all the Hearted cards. At the same time, Ali Gony rushes to save Rahul. Ali and Abhinav get angry during the task. Seeing this, Nikki Tamboli says, “This task is like this, don’t trust anyone.”

At the same time, Jasmine Bhasin has cheated her friend Rubina Dilak for Rahul Vaidya and Ali Goni. In such a situation it will be interesting to see how she will react. Meanwhile, the news is coming that Big Boss canceled it due to violence and fighting during the Captaincy Task. That is, there will be no Captain in Bigg Boss 14 this week.


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