Bigg Boss 14, 16 Jan Weekend Ka Vaar Promo: Sonali gives rude abuse to Rubina, and Salman faints, says – your baby girl is also watching

In a recent episode of ‘Bigg Boss 14’, Sonali Phogat abused Rubina Dilek in a rude manner that sparked public anger on Twitter and appealed to the makers to take strict action against Sonali and drive her out of the house. Now what action will be taken against Sonali, it will be known only in the coming episodes.

But Salman lambasted Sonali in front of everyone. Salman asks Sonali about the abuse that Sonali Phogat gave her to Rubina, while Sonali says that she abused Rubina because she dragged her daughter in between. But Salman denies this and says, ‘Your child is also watching this show. Does it suit you? ‘

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After this Nikki Tamboli told that Sonali Phogat threatens the outside and says that my brothers will be seen outside. This power of mine, that power of mine. Hearing this, Salman gets angry and says to Sonali, ‘Will you threaten outside? What will you do, tell me.

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But Sonali says that she has not spoken outside and if she has spoken she will be shown to them. Angry Salman again says that we have shown you what you have said outside. It is clear from Sonali’s attitude that she has been stunned by her name coming home from home. Now she will be homeless this week or Big Boss will take some other action, keep watching ‘Bigg Boss 14’.



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