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Big warning for Android users, don’t download these 19 apps by mistake

Tech Desk. There are millions of apps on the Play Store for Android users and you can download any of them according to your need and choice.

However, now users have been given a warning and said that downloading some apps from the Play Store is not good for the phone and you should not make this mistake either. 19 such apps have been detected, the purpose of which is to target and harm Android users.

The security team of anti-virus company Avast has shared a warning and said that they have discovered many such apps on Google’s official Play Store, which install a lot of adware in users’ phones.

A total of 21 such adware-packed apps targeting Android users have been detected and three of them have been removed from the Play Store by Google.

However, according to Avast, 19 apps are being tested and they are still available on the Play Store for users.

Ads start appearing on the phone

Most apps are small fun games that offer options ranging from car racing, shooting criminals by helicopter, or ironing virtual clothes.

It has come to light that such apps are quite popular and so far they have been downloaded more than 80 lakh times.

Once these apps are downloaded, HiddenAds Trojan starts showing a lot of ads on the phone even when the original app is closed. These ads can range from notifications to full-screen.

Do not download these apps

Dangerous apps also hide their icons after they have been downloaded, so that they cannot be easily deleted.

Jakub Varwa, a threat analyst at Avast, said that such apps are also being promoted on social media channels, messaging apps, and YouTube. Many of these apps can also steal user data and store it and send it to a third party.

If Android users want to keep their data and device safe, it is important not to download these apps by mistake,

– Shoot Them
– Crush Car
– Rolling Scroll
– Helicopter Attack
– Assassin Legend
– 2020 NEW
– Helicopter Shoot
– Rugby Pass
– Flying Skateboard
– Iron it
– Shooting Run
– Plant Monster
– Find Hidden
– Find 5 Differences
– 2020 NEW
– Rotate Shape
– Jump Jump
– Find the Differences
– Puzzle Game
– Sway Man
– Desert Against
– Money Destroyer
– Cream Trip
– Props Rescue

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