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Big announcement from Twitter! Public verification will start from new year, now you will have to follow the new guideline for blue tick

Micro-blogging website Twitter is going to start public verification again. This verification is done by companies applying for a blue tick or an individual. Let us know that the company kept public verification for about three years, but from the beginning of 2021, people will now be able to request for a blue tick.

In a blog post released on Tuesday, the company said that the company is resuming its verification program. Earlier, the company is taking public feedback about the verification, the last date of which is till 8 December. Twitter has set criteria for verification. The accounts that fill this criterion will be able to request for verification from the beginning of next year.

Apart from blue ticks, many more labels can be seen
Apart from Blue Tick, the company is also working on profile type. In the coming times, any kind of label or badge can be added from personal to other types of account besides blue tick.

Only these accounts will get blue tick
Twitter has mentions in its post that such accounts can be verified. in this
>> Government Account

>> Twitter handle of brands

>> Companies account

>> News Media Twitter accounts

>> Non Profit Organization

>> Entertainment, Activist

>> sports

Blue tick can be removed in these situations
The company has said that the blue tick can be removed from the inactive account. Blue tick can also be removed in case of changing Twitter username and bio. Twitter verification was done for the post, if it is not now, then in such a situation, the company can remove the blue tick. The company has currently issued drafts which will be applicable from next year.


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