Benjamin Machet in a relationship with Sarah whom he took for a prostitute: their unlikely meeting

For several years now Benjamin Machet put the brakes on his reality TV career. Passed through season 1 of Beauty and her almost charming princes (2012) where he was the winner of the show, then winning the heart of Marine Boudou, he subsequently joined the cast of Angels in 2013 and 2014. Participations which each time allowed him to form a couple. First with Aurélie Dotremont then, more briefly, with Anaïs Camizuli. But it was finally outside of the TV shoots that Benjamin met love, the real one.

Indeed, since 2014, the former model has blossomed alongside Sarah, a young woman with whom he had two children, Tao, born in 2015 and Damian born in 2017. A true fairy tale that was not yet won, the fault of a unique meeting of its kind. We met in the evening, in a not very common way since it’s true that I found her to be out of the ordinary, in the sense that I found her really very beautiful. I didn’t understand why she was there. She was surrounded by boys and the first question that came to my mind was to ask her if she was a prostitute.. There you go, great“, he admitted in an interview with Melty. Fortunately for him, the spell finally worked. “So the introduction was magnificent, after I tried to make up for it as best I could and in the end it went well since We’ve been together for seven years and we have two children

“, he rejoiced.

Benjamin Machet back on TV

The couple based in Geneva, Switzerland, have continued to evolve under the watchful eyes of their audiences ever since. He has even just accepted a great project: the one to join the cast of Moms & Famous on TFX ! A way for the pretty blonde and her darling to reveal a little more about their not so traditional daily life. “Here, it’s dad who will take the children to school most of the time and me who will work 100% in the office. We want to show another organization, the importance of a united couple to be able to develop professionally. We also have different cultures at home since I am Mexican so here is the winning combo of all that“Sarah warned.

Benjamin Machet and Sarah are not the only ones to join the program for its next and third season. Indeed, with the departures of Rym and Vincent but also of Martika in Dubai or the desire of Cindy Poumerol to take a step back, places have become available. Aurélie Van Daelen, Olivia Kugel and Camille Froment will also be among the new recruits. The broadcast is expected from January 18, 2021.


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