Belgium: a player is injured … with his lawn mower

Maximiliano Caufriez, defender of Sint-Truiden in Belgian D1, seriously injured his foot while mowing his lawn. His season is over, but the foot, fortunately, is still there.

“It’s not an April Fool’s Day,” explains his club from the start, confirming the news. On Thursday, several Belgian media such as Le Soir relayed an improbable story about Maximiliano Caufriez, Saint-Trond defender in the Jupiler Pro League and former international Espoirs.

The 24-year-old would indeed have injured his left foot … while mowing his lawn. We do not know how, but Caufriez’s foot would have passed under the machine and would have been struck by the blade. Which could have had dramatic consequences.

“A little accident at home”

“Maximiliano Caufriez had an accident in a private setting, said Sint-Truiden, without going into details. He is currently receiving treatment, and will be evaluated by doctors in the coming days.”

The diagnosis has obviously been made, since the person concerned published a photo of himself in a hospital bed in the evening, his foot wrapped in a huge bandage. “End of the season, announces Caufriez. After a small accident at home, the season is over for me. The operation, urgently, went well! I will fight to come back to the field stronger.”


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