Behind the scenes of “In therapy”: “We wanted to tell how the collective trauma shook us individually”

I adored him, I dreamed of being his patient… And suddenly, in the fifth episode, I get caught and I fall ten floors to discover that he is going to consult his supervisor and that he himself is very badly off. ! “. Vincent Poymiro remembers as if it was yesterday his first meeting as a viewer with the shrink of “In treatment”, alias the dark intellectual Gabriel Byrne: express transfer and counter-transfer … Later, the screenwriter discovered ” BeTipul ”, the Israeli series from which“ In treatment ”is taken. In turn, he signs today, with his accomplice David Elkaïm, the hexagonal version, for Arte, of this “Formal masterpiece.

In charge of writing these 35 episodes, the two authors set up a writing workshop and closely collaborated with two other duets: the one formed by the directors Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache and that of the producers of Fish Films, Yaël Fogiel and Laetitia Gonzalez. If Vincent Poymiro and David Elkaïm congratulate themselves on the final result on an artistic level, they confirm that they will not participate in the development of a second season, deploring, at different levels, a lack of consideration of their work. With this first sum of episodes, of a rare amplitude in the land of French fiction, they sign a daring cutting by reimplanting the original series on French soil. Manufacturing story.

The Bataclan

“Why take the risk of yet another adaptation of” BeTipul “? At the beginning

To read the remaining 83%,
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