Bayern-PSG: for Larqué, the Parisian victory "is definitely not a heist"

In Top of the Foot on RMC, Thursday evening, Jean-Michel Larqué felt that PSG’s 3-2 victory against Bayern Munich was deserved, even if it was very difficult to obtain given the domination of the Bavarians.

For Jean-Michel Larqué, PSG’s 3-2 victory over Bayern Munich was an “achievement”, but “certainly not a hold-up”. The day after the quarter-final first leg of the Champions League, the member of the Dream Team RMC Sport underlines the fine Parisian performance in this “bizarre match”.

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“The Parisians made a great match. But, honestly, they should not have to replay it”, nuance however Jean-Michel Larqué, in Top of the Foot on RMC. “No one is fooled. The success was more on the side of Paris, the scenario was favorable to them, but the Parisians provoked it and wrote it”.

“I have the impression that they have gone through the small keyhole, with qualities that we do not often know them, he adds. Either way, the match is not over, it lasts 180 minutes, even more. For the moment, they have scored a big blow mathematically and psychologically “.

“They were extremely dangerous”

At the end of the game, statistics proved so necessary that the domination of Bayern Munich was complete. Disgusted by Keylor Navas, the Bavarians notably shot 31 times. Other indicators also showed that Paris Saint-Germain had clearly spent most of their time in their final meters.

“They suffered, notes Jean-Michel Larqué. But at the same time, we felt that they were extremely dangerous, each time they went forward.”


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