This CYCLE runs on a battery, travels 30 KM for Rs 3.30

Electric bicycle in India Ten students of Global Institute has designed such an e-cycle, which is fully charged for just Rs 3.30 and can run for 30 km. Dr. Akashdeep Singh, Vice Chairman of the Institute, said that this bicycle made by the students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is pollution-free.
Dr. Akashdeep Singh said that this bicycle is completely budget-friendly. After a full charge, it can be run for about 30 km at a speed of 45-50 km.
For full charging, this cycle consumes 0.5 kilowatt of electricity, which costs only Rs 3.50. Apart from this, this bicycle can also lift 150 kg and its successful trial has been taken in the institute.
Do not panic if the battery runs out, the pedal also runs on the
e-cycle with four 12 volt and 7-ampere batteries, so that it is fully charged in four hours. It operates from both paddling and battery. 
The battery generates so much energy while cycling with a pedal that the head and backlight can also be lit at night. No need to panic when the battery runs out, paddling can also run it.
10 thousand rupees spent in making, there is also an electronic speed controller
It weighs 30 kg. The bicycle has scooter wheels. Apart from this, hub motor, electronic speed controller, motor controller, voltage converter, brakes and etc. have been fitted.
The team of students was headed by Prof. Mukhi. Manbir Singh did and Student Sukhraj Bahadur Singh played the role of Captain. Apart from this, the team also included Vikramjit Singh, Pankaj Kumar, Simranjit Singh, Prateek, Tania Uppal, Gurjit Singh, Ravinder Singh, Pradeep Singh, Moksha Sharma.


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