Barça: Koeman does not promise Griezmann will stay

Ronald Koeman, FC Barcelona coach, maintains the possibility of Antoine Griezmann’s departure. He gives absolute priority to the extension of Lionel Messi, even if this must result in the departure of players, including the French.

From his vacation spot, Antoine Griezmann (30) can ask himself questions about the rest of his adventure at FC Barcelona. For several days, the Catalan media have been talking about a possible transfer of the French international this summer to bail out the club’s coffers and, above all, to finally allow Lionel Messi’s contract to be extended.

“The priority is for Messi to stay”

Asked on the sidelines of the Koeman Cup, a golf tournament whose funds are donated to a children’s hospital in the city, Ronald Koeman did not remove the doubt about the future of the world champion, under contract until 2024. Officially, he is counting on him but he explains clearly that he will not oppose his departure.

“I’m going to rely on all the players we have,” he said. “If there is a change we will have to accept it, but these are things and decisions the club have to make. We will see who remains and who leaves because we still have a lot of players, but it is clear that the priority is for Messi to stay above all. “

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“I don’t know what decisions will be made”

Joan Laporta, president of the club, said he was serene about the file of his star. Koeman a little less, while remaining optimistic. “When everything is not yet settled, you always have to worry but I have every confidence in our president to solve this problem,” he added. This will involve the sale of several players. Griezmann, whose image was tarnished by accusations of anti-Asian racism after the release of a controversial video, could be one of them. This obviously won’t upset Koeman, even if he appreciates it.

“For me, Griezmann is very important, he continued. He was a great recruit for Barcelona and showed his quality. He played very well and he’s a very good player. But I insist, I don’t know what decisions will be made at the end because the most important thing is that Leo stays with us. It’s the future of this club and we have to try to the maximum. “

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