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Bank Holiday December 2020: Holidays in banks will be closed for three days on Christmas, but here

Bank Holiday December 2020: After the festive months October and November, there is only one gazetted holiday in banks on December 25th. Although banks will remain closed on December 25 due to holiday in most cities of the country, but there are some cities where banks have 6 days off in addition to weekly holidays. According to the RBI list, Shillong has a 3-day holiday for Christmas. Apart from this, Sundays are falling on 6, 13, 20, 27 and 29 December. Along with this, banks will remain closed due to the second Saturday on December 12 and the fourth Saturday on December 26.

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Banks will remain closed on 24th and 25th to commemorate the Christmas festival in Aizawl, excluding weekly holidays and second-fourth Saturday holidays. At the same time, bank branches will be closed on 31 December to celebrate the new year. On the other hand, in all cities like Lucknow, Delhi, Kanpur, only December 25 is a holiday. At the same time, banks will be closed here on December 1 for the general election of the Greater Hyderabad Metropolitan Municipality.

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Banks will remain closed on 12 December in Shillong to commemorate Pa-Togan Nengminja Sangma. On December 18, there is also a local holiday. There will be a lock in the banks for 3 consecutive days from 24 to 26 to celebrate Christmas. Apart from this, there is also a local holiday on 30 December. On the other hand, Gangtok has two local holidays on 17 and 18 and Gazetted Holiday on 25 December. In addition to 25 December in Goa, banks will remain closed on the occasion of Kanakadas Jayanti on 3 and Goa Mukti Divas on 19.


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