Aya Nakamura buries the hatchet with Nikos: frank explanations and nice gesture

Better not to be in Aya Nakamura’s sights at the risk of being pilloried on her social networks where she is followed by millions of fans ready to defend her tooth and nail. The popular host Nikos Aliagas knows something about it, he who had – oh misfortune – scratched his name at the NRJ Music Awards in 2018. But all that is in the past!

In an excerpt posted on Twitter, we can discover that Nikos buried the hatchet with Aya Nakamura that he will receive on his show 50’Inside, Saturday January 16, 2021 on TF1. The host made him review key moments of his career, including his famous first stint at the NMA … “Ah, that’s where we met over a misunderstanding!“, joked Nikos. And the interpreter of the tubes Pookie, Teddy or Girlfriends to explain and recontextualize the events, revealing that that day, she was totally “terrorized“Curious, Nikos tried to find out more about what scared the singer.”What scared you Aya? Forget my launch where I messed up

“, she let him go, admitting her awkwardness.

Visibly touched, Aya Nakamura also put water in her wine. “After that it’s my impulsive side you see … I can’t do anything about it. I was not happy. I am proud to have mixed Aya and Nakamura. I think it’s pretty, that’s it …“, she replied. At the time, she had badly lived this evening of awards ceremony since Nikos had renamed her Yaka and the singer, Lio, who came to present an award, had she called her Ava. She got angry on Twitter. Subsequently, others had mispronounced or criticized his name from Nagui to Vincent Cassel …


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