Australia’s Pizza Shop, a lie … and Corona virus lockdown launched across the state

The biggest weapon to stop the corona virus epidemic is information from people. A person can get accurate information about where the infection occurred and where it spread, only when people tell the whole truth about themselves. If not, one lie can overwhelm the entire population. Such was the case before the South Australia administration that this was proved.

Hid the truth
Australia almost eliminated infections with the help of lockdown, testing and contact tracing. State Premier Steven Marshall says that he is extremely upset with the actions of one man and now the results will be monitored. Actually, this man had told that he had gone to a shop to get pizza while in fact he worked in that shop.

Locked down
On the basis of the information given to him, the health authorities admitted that he was infected with the virus within a short time. They also felt that the strain of the virus is highly contagious. Has decided to lockdown when the case escalates. Such a situation arose after a person named Kovid-19 positive concealed his connection to the pizza shop. A stringent lockdown has been implemented since Wednesday after 36 cases were reported for the first time since April.


No punishment for lying
However, South Australia Police Commissioner Grant Steven says there is no punishment for lying, so police action will not be taken against the man. He says that the action taken so far was based on the information that this person was infected with the virus in a pizza shop in a short time while it is now known how he is connected with another positive person. Now the process of investigation has changed.

… so don’t think lockdown
He has said that if this person had not hidden the truth, then there would not have been a 6-week lockdown in the country. At the same time, the authorities have already decided to end the lockdown after only three cases were revealed on Friday. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the man worked with a security guard who was infected with a quarantine hotel.

Corona: Is the lockdown in reverse gear? Hints from

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