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Aung San Suu Kyi’s majority in Myanmar election, know why China wants his victory

In the general elections held in Myanmar, the party backed by Loktantra and current President Aung Sang Suu Kyi seems to get a majority. The National League for Democracy (NLD) has claimed that it has won a majority in the parliamentary elections and will retain power. However, the Election Commission has officially announced the results in only a few seats till Sunday.

Results will be delayed
Myanmar’s Federal Election Commission had earlier said that it would take a week for all the results to come and by last night at eight o’clock, the names of just nine winners had been announced in the election for the 642-member parliament, all of which are NLD candidates . NLD spokesman Monywa Aung Shin said the party confirms that it has won more than 322 seats with a majority figure, but the final results will win more than the 377 seats targeted by the party.

VSuu Kyi towards victory in elections despite resistance
It is noteworthy that NLD’s victory is expected as party leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi is very popular in the country. However, some estimate that some reduction in his party’s seats may come due to a deteriorating relationship with ethnic parties based on minorities, which he supported in 2015.

How is the relationship with India
Myanmar’s supreme leader Aung Sang Suu Kyi is considered close to India. He has also done his studies by staying in Delhi itself. When the army captured power in Myanmar, they had to undergo repeated detention and release. At that time, he was indirectly assisted by the Indian government. This is why Suu Kyi is more inclined towards India. That is why India has finalized the Kaladan Project deal with Myanmar. Apart from this, India is also developing a port in Myanmar.

Why is China wishing Su’s victory
China supported Myanmar’s military alliance in the last election, while this time it wants to openly win the pro-democracy Ang Song Su Ki. Representatives of the Chinese government feel that it is difficult for them to convince a general in military rule. Whereas, the leaders of the pro-democracy National League for Democracy (NLD) readily accept his words.

Myanmar’s army is China’s opponent
The military-aligned Union Solidarity and Development Party lost badly to the NLD in the 2015 election. Aung Sang Suu Kyi’s party is also seen winning the NLD in this year’s election. Su Ki has been close to China for the last few years to keep herself away from the Rohingya controversy and for economic gain. Whereas, the army there is opposing China by giving arms, money and support to the rebels.

This reason behind giving weapons to terrorists
China wants Myanmar to approve several projects for its belt and road project. For this, to give pressure to the Myanmar government, they give weapons to these terrorist groups. While Myanmar continues to deny involvement in it. Not only this, China is also encouraging terrorist groups of India to attack in Kashmir.

Chinese missiles found near terrorists in raid
According to the army of Myanmar, the foreign country is behind the rebel group Arakan Army. Since 2019, this terrorist organization has been attacking Myanmar Army through China-made weapons and land mine. In November 2019, the Myanmar Army seized a large number of weapons from the banned leg National Liberation Army during a raid. It also included surface to air missiles. It is said that the missiles found during this raid were around 70000 to 90000 US dollars. These weapons were Made in China.


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