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Attractive discount on purchase of BS-6 TVS NTORQ 125 scooter

TVS offers the lowest down payment, minimum EMI and cashback offer available on the Dussehra and Diwali specialty on the purchase of the NTORQ 125 scooter. The new NTORQ 125 scooter is currently available for purchase with the BS-6 engine, with the new engine being sold in various models.

According to the legend, TVS will buy the NTORQ 125 scooter for Rs. 10,999 down payment with a maximum period of Rs. 2,100 EMI fixed.

Customers receiving cashback offers must use a credit card or debit card from ICICI or Bank Baroda, saving up to 5% cashback.

The main attraction of the new BS-6 scooter is the NTORQ 125 scooter, which has four variants: drum, disc, race edition, and super squad edition to meet current consumer demand.

The new scooter has been replaced with a carburetor engine this time with a fuel injection system, which has improved performance and improved pollution output.

The new scooter will be offered some premium features this time, with the addition of an LED headlamp in the Race Edition Edition, which is a major attraction. The technical aspects continue to be similar to those of the BS-4, competing with the 125cc rival scooters upgraded with the BS-6 engine.

The new NTORQ 125 scooter is the initial model of the drum brake, while the Super Squad is a high-end model.

The BS-6 scooter is more expensive than the BS-4, and the various scooters have received at least twice the price since the BS-6 was implemented. After the hike, the NTORQ 125 scooter is priced at Rs. 68,885 and the top-end model is priced at Rs. Priced at Rs 77,865.


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