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Ashok Leyland releases the BS-6 engine inspired bass series truck

Ashok Leyland sells the Boss Truck model with two variants, LE and LX, as per customer demand, which will be sold in the Intermediate Commercial Vehicle segment. The new Boss Range Truck models have a starting price of Rs.18 lakh according to the Delhi Exterior, while the initial models have loads ranging from 11.1 tonnes to 14.05 tonnes.

Customers can combine new bass truck models with a load bay facility of 14 feet to 24 feet based on usage, while body design is also customized.

Boss Series trucks have high body deck, drop side deck, cab chassis, container and tipper body designs, while truck body design is convenient for transporting parcel and courier, poultry, Agri perishable, e-commerce, auto parts models.

In addition, the company has introduced a number of digital features, including i-Alert, Remote Diagnostics, and increased safety features on the driver’s side through new vehicles. The new trucks also offer two cabin layouts to choose from, providing comfortable seating for the driver.

Ashok Leyland has assembled the new Boss Truck models with a BS-6 feature four-cylinder common-rail turbo diesel engine, while the new engine model is inspired by I-Gen 6 technology.

The new engine is powered by a 149-bhp, 450-Nm of torque output that is 7% more fuel-efficient than the BS-4. They significantly reduce operating costs with a 5 percent tire life extension.

The purchase of new trucks can be guaranteed on a four-year or 4 lakh km basis and can be extended for up to 6 years depending on demand. In addition, Ashok Leyland is also focused on customer service after truck sales, offering fast service in 24×7 format with over 3000 touchpoints.

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