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Apple’s bat in India, income including other devices increased by 400 percent

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Smartphone sales may have been affected in the Kovid crisis, but Apple, the world’s most popular company that makes premium phones, is in India. Apple has achieved 29 percent more revenue in this financial year as compared to last year, which is more than $ 1.85 billion i.e. 74 billion 26 crore rupees.

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In terms of earnings, this American tech company has earned 400 per cent more in India this year than last year. It can be understood from this that people have not indulged in buying iPhones, Apple MacBooks, iPads and Apple smartwatches, only then Apple is batting in India. That is, in terms of earnings, Apple is making a record on the record in India.

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Earning so
Apple had reported in the data released last year that it has earned $ 35 million by selling its products in the Indian market, but the company has reported this year that it has earned $ 124 million, which represents more than 350 percent profit. is. Let me tell you that after China, India is the largest market for Apple products, especially the iPhone and millions of Apple phones are sold here every year. Also products like laptops, smartwatches, PCs and earbuds are also in great demand in India.

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These products of Apple shine in India

Apple’s expansion in India!
At a time when many companies including OnePlus, Samsung and Huawei are launching more than one phone in the premium smartphone segment, Apple’s market share as well as profit can be gauged from which in India. Apples are spreading their legs and the effect is visible. Recently the company has opened an online store in India, since which the company has expanded further.

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The company has launched the iPhone 12 series of smartphones last month, whose top model has started selling and the booking of the starting model iPhone 12 Mini has started, so the company’s profit is going to increase in the coming time and its As well as Apple’s share in the smartphone market.

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