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Apple CEO hinted that there will be new products released this year as soon as next month

Apple has held press conferences and launched new products for two consecutive months, but it seems that this is not over yet. According to information brought by foreign media, at today’s earnings conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that Apple will return There are some exciting products on sale.

Based on Cook’s description and previous industry rumors, what is hinted at here is a new series of MacBook notebooks with Apple’s self-developed processor. It is rumored that the product will be released as early as November 17, and the rumored AirPods Studio headset and AirTags stickers Film trackers, and other products will be unveiled together at this conference.

These products have already existed in Apple’s various codes, so the timing of their release is at least a matter of time. Among them, the Apple Silicon ‌ version of the Mac will appear within the year, and everything is proceeding in an orderly manner according to Apple’s rhythm.


At the WWDC Developers Conference in June this year, Apple once launched a Mac mini host based on the A12Z processor, which is convenient for application adaptation based on the ARM environment. Specifically, the 5nm A14X processing for MacBook and new iPad Pro In this order, Apple will gradually replace Intel’s CPU products and turn to a completely self-owned supply chain, as well as the stronger processor A14T (code-named Mt.Jade) for iMac.


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