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Apple Silicon arrives with new desktop Macs, portable MacBooks and more with the M1 processor

Apple presents its new line of products for the end of 2020 and opens a new era with special processors and chips. Designed by and for this company.
The time of truth has come for Apple, this November 10, 2020, has been held, what now seems to be its last event of the year: One More Thing.
The degree of speculation and expectation around everything they will show this time is considerable. There are many devices and gadgets lined up.
Some have confirmed their existence, others are a strong rumor almost proven, and others a long-awaited surprise, such as the first generation Apple Silicon.
But other things, like the AirPods Studio or the AirTags, are an absolute unknown where, to be honest, there are more questions than answers.

The expectation

We already share our forecasts with you, but the grace is to discover, corroborate or discard all the information that has circulated in recent days.
Today Tim Cook and his team took the (virtual) stage by storm and presented us with the following products: here the chronological count and listing.
The event started with Cook himself highlighting the innovation of different products such as the Apple Watch, its complement with Apple One or iPads, and the new era represented by the iPhone 12. But there was one more surprise.

Stronger than ever Mac with M1

Tim confirmed that more than 50% of Mac buyers are new to the ecosystem. It is apparently the best time for this platform and something had to be done to match.
It is here that Apple Silicon and the new generation of Mac running under this platform were introduced. With M1 ARM processors that have performance above what we have seen before on this platform.
apple  M1 processor
The promise is that Apple M1 processors will run faster than PCs with less demand for power and resources. Either with processes or displaying graphics.
In the image above you can see its highlights. But that was only the beginning. The necessary complement was its Operating System.

MacOS Big Sur arrives too

The event presented the new evolution of this platform, blurring the lines between an iPhone and a Mac. macOS Big Sur is 1.9 times more responsive than the previous version and takes advantage of the architecture of the M1 processor to make everything more fluid.
The promise is that all of Apple’s traditional apps have transitioned with more power and better performance in this release. To which are added the Universal Apps that make the work session omnipresent no matter from which Apple device is entered.
And the best: Adobe is integrated into this evolution. As well as the goal that everything on our iPhone can be the same on our Mac. All thanks to Universal Apps and the integrated architecture.

The first MacBook Air with M1

The highlight came when the first MacBook Air with the M1 processor was shown. It is five times faster than the previous model, promising a new era. In fact, it would be faster than 98% of recent generation PC notebooks.
The battery, even when playing video, can reach 18 running hours, achieving the longest autonomy in the MacBook Air family. As an icing on the cake, the webcam finally has superior image quality.
The starting price of the MacBook Air with the Apple M1 processor will be $ 999.

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