Apple: Mac sales have doubled in one year

On the decline for several years, the personal computer market has experienced an unexpected recovery since the start of the health crisis. Thanks to telecommuting, the need for entertainment or, quite simply, the savings to consumers, computers have become popular again.

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The IDC institute has just released its estimates for the first quarter of 2021, a period usually conducive to a huge drop in sales (this is normal, there is Christmas in the previous quarter). This year, IDC says sales fell only 8%, the highest since 2012.

84 million computers… including 6.7 for Apple

In the last three months, 83.98 million computers have found takers, against 54.12 million last year (this was the last quarter before the start of the health crisis). This 55.2% increase in sales from one year to the next is colossal, especially since all manufacturers are benefiting from it.


The big winner is Apple which, from one year to the next, goes from 3.16 million Macs sold in a quarter to 6.69 million (+ 111.5%). Is there a strong consumer interest in new MacBooks with an M1 chip? Yes, but not only. Since the start of confinement, the Mac has been popular. Everything suggests that many consumers dreamed of it and took the leap.

IDC points out, however, that last year the PC market was far from at its peak. Victim of the closure of many factories in China, he had experienced a temporary drop in deliveries. This record growth is only the reflection of a world turned upside down.


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In the coming months, computer sales should stabilize, or even decline to offset orders for the first lockdowns. In the long term, the PC market should still come out on top.

Source: IDC


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