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Apple iPhone 12 display looks ‘green’, users worried

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Recently the iPhone 12 lineup has been launched by the California tech company Apple and its sale has started. The new iPhones offer Apple OLED display with ceramic shield protection. One thing related to the display of the iPhone 12 is bothering the users that the problem of green tint is coming in this display. On the display of many iPhone 12 units, green shade users are seen.

In any new smartphone or device, bugs or problems are revealed in the beginning. Many iPhone 12 users have written about the issue related to display on online channels and social media and shared photos. In addition to the green tint, flickers have also been seen in the display many times. Gradually these cases are increasing and Apple itself has started work on fixing it. Posts related to this are also being seen on the Apple Support Communities page.

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Software update will fix

The 9to5Mac report states that an official Apple document has been revealed, which has recently been sent by the company to Apple Authorized Service Providers. In this document, it is said that iPhone units should not be repaired when the problem of green tint comes. It has been emphasized by Apple that customers should be asked to keep the software of iPhone 12 up to date. This means that a fix rollout of this problem can be done by Apple soon.

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This problem occurred in many phones
Apart from Apple’s new iPhone 12, this problem has also appeared in the new flagship lineup of OnePlus and premium phones of Samsung. In most devices, the green tint appears on the display when the brightness is reduced. On iPhone, users are seeing a green tint by reducing BrightNet by 90 percent. This problem is also seen in iOS 14.3. A new update can be given by Apple fixing it soon. The rest of the brands have also fixed this problem through software updates.


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