Apple finally displays the repairability index for its iPhone and MacBook on its French store

Apple has just started publishing the repairability indices for certain products on its website and its Store application. This is the case for iPhones and Macs, two of the five product categories designated in the anti-waste law, passed in January 2020.

A score out of 10 to enlighten us

This repairability index takes the form of a score out of 10. It must inform the consumer’s choice at the time of purchase to know whether the product he is about to acquire will be easy to repair in the event of a breakdown and may therefore be used longer. This is a first step to encourage users to enjoy their device for as long as possible and also to avoid planned obsolescence.

It is interesting to note that the anti-waste law also requires manufacturers to give information on the availability of spare parts and, by default, the possibility of manufacturing spare parts in 3D. This information must be accessible to independent repairers.

Generational differences

Regarding the indices, there are some differences between the products, which is logical, but also between the generations. As an example, all iPhone 12s seem to get a repairability rating of 6/10. Which is better than that of the iPhone 11, for example, which only scores 4.6 / 10.
As for the Macs, we observe that the MacBook Air ensure a score of 6.5 / 10. While on the MacBook Pro side, there are several things. The first is that 16-inch MacBook Pros are more serviceable than 13-inch MacBook Pros. Which would suggest that compactness is the enemy of repairability.
The second is that 13-inch MacBook Pros with Intel processors score higher on this index than 13-inch M1 MacBook Pros. The first shows an index of 6.3 / 10 against 5.6 for the second. The fault is probably the further integration on the hardware side.

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A first step?

Apple has therefore brought itself into compliance with the law and we can only rejoice. On the other hand, we regret that it did not push the effort a little further and does not apply it to all its products, even those that are not affected by the anti-waste law.
After all, we would like to have that same level of information for iPads or Macs, not portable. Perhaps this will be added later, we can hope. Apple has an important role to play in this area.

Especially since within three years, in 2024, a sustainability index should also be introduced. It will include other criteria in addition to repairability, such as the robustness or the scalability of the product, in particular via updates.


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