Apple could launch its mixed reality headset “in the coming months” with a real event

Mark Gurman has spoken again. In a newsletter that focuses primarily on WWDC, its format for 2021, and Apple’s hopes for 2022, the reporter from Bloomberg loose, in one paragraph, interesting information.

According to him, Apple could launch its mixed reality headset in the coming months, during an event that would not be virtual, to the extent possible, if the pandemic allows it.

“In the coming months, the company is expected to announce a mixed reality headset, its first major new product since 2015 (and the launch of the Watch, Editor’s note). If possible, Apple will not want to make such a momentous announcement during an online event. It wants its employees, the media, its partners and developers to come together ”.

Also to discover in video:

Mark Gurman has previously written that Apple will be launching a virtual reality and / or AR headset this year. A model that could be very high-end, therefore very expensive, and more intended for developers than the general public. This headset could carry two 8K screens, eye tracking technology, more than a dozen cameras to follow the movements of the hands and the mapping of the environment of its user.
This niche positioning may seem strange, considering that Apple generally designs “high-end” products for the general public. However, this approach can also be seen as preparatory work for the arrival of a product. “Mass market”

, which will then benefit from a richer software ecosystem.

This is also what Mark Gurman suggests, who thinks he knows that Apple will use this base to develop its Apple Glasses, augmented reality glasses that should not see the light of day for several years.

Source: Bloomberg


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